Polo Driving School

Car Driving School for Beginners and for People with Disabilities


Polo Driving is a car training school for first time, elderly, and tourist drivers based in Auckland. It is also the first driving school in New Zealand to give driving lessons to people with physical disabilities. They give utmost driving service to their trainees by providing car modifications depending on their physical disabilities’ needs.

Live Preview
Driving School Logo Design

Logo Design

To emphasize the message that Polo Driving School is a car driving school for the physically challenged, we incorporated the wheelchair into the steering wheel. Making the wheelchair visible will make anyone who checks their website understand their services at first glance.

Adobe Technology


Responsive Website Design

To highlight its being a car driving school, we made sure that the feel of the website will be like a road or a race track. We also aimed to deliver encouragement and make users feel safe to try out their driving lessons. Drawing from that inspiration, we used the colors yellow and grey.



Polo driving school website design portfolio


TDA took maximum involvement in Polo Drive’s website improvement from planning to design and web development phases. We started with establishing the brand identity. This included choosing the color scheme, font size and images to be used. Next is creating the logo design. Through rigorous brainstorming, we came up with a logo that conveys the tagline, “a car driving school for the drivers and people with physical disability in Auckland.” Based on the brand identity and logo design, we designed and developed the website.


Graphic Design

Website design

Web development